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Three-ingredient vegan chocolate fudge

This recipe always wins me (fudge) brownie points.

It’s also a tad dangerous. I think the reason it’s taken me an entire weekend to get this post up is because through every step of the process (recipe development, taking photos, editing photos, writing the post), I have felt a strong pull to run to the fridge and grab another square immediately. Fortunately, my second batch of fudge will be gone soon and I will have to stop.

If only it weren’t so easy to make another batch…

I like to bring something homemade whenever possible and, when I’m in a pinch, this is the quickest, easiest dessert recipe I keep in my back pocket. If you’re not a baker, but have been tasked with bringing dessert, this fudge is one of the best ways to impress your friends with minimal effort and no oven.

It’s also perfect if you’re feeding people who have a myriad of restrictions, since it’s gluten-free, vegan, and about a million other things.

My favourite part about this fudge recipe is its high level of flexibility. It’s a great base with room to grow, and anything that lets you flex your creative muscles is a bonus in my book.

You can complexify the flavours with peppermint extract or orange zest. Switch up textures by stirring in nuts or cacao nibs. Add some superfoods for a boost, like maca or goji berries. Sprinkle chunky sea salt or fresh fruit on top. Go crazy, mix and match, and let me know your favourite combos!

You can also roll the fudge into balls, freeze them, and dip them in melted chocolate to make some extra-impressive truffles. I have done this on Valentine’s Day, when I’m feeling particularly generous. It’s kind of messy and not as easy as chill-and-serve , but it makes people feel pretty fancy to get their own hand-dipped truffle.

For this holiday season, I added a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and flaky sea salt on top. The results were pretty stellar and I highly recommend it.

Three-ingredient vegan chocolate fudge

Prep Time 15 mins

Chilling time 3 hrs

Course: Dessert

Keyword: chocolate, coconut, dairy-free, dessert, easy, egg-free, fudge, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian

Servings: 18 squares


2/3 cup full-fat coconut milk

2 Tb coconut oil

10 oz dark chocolate*

Splash peppermint or vanilla extract optional


  1. Over low heat, simmer the coconut milk 2-3 mins.

  2. Stir in coconut oil.

  3. Whisk in chocolate until melted.

  4. Remove from heat and stir in peppermint/vanilla, or any other mix-ins, if you want ‘em.

  5. Line a loaf pan or similar size with parchment paper and pour in the mixture.

  6. Optional: sprinkle anything else on top that you want to show off, rather than mix in. This is where I topped it off with salt and pomegranate seeds.

  7. Refrigerate for a couple hours (or, in a pinch, freeze for 30 mins).

  8. Slice into squares. Store in the fridge to keep firm.


When I have time, I make my own chocolate with cacao butter, cacao powder, and a whole sweetener like maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar. Otherwise, I recommend looking for a clean chocolate bar or chip with as few ingredients as possible and no soy lecithin or dairy. A couple that work well are Enjoy Life, Alter Eco or, if you’re in Canada, the President’s Choice Dark (or Extra-Dark, my favourite).

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