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Do you find yourself...

  • Obsessing over specific areas of your life that aren’t going as planned

  • Stuck or blocked from moving forward

  • Worrying about something, but can’t figure out why

  • In a cycle of unhealthy patterns

  • Unable to figure out why you can’t fix an issue

  • Wondering why you have difficulties in your career, relationships, finances and more

  • Desiring guidance from a higher power

Image by Edz Norton

Get clarity and divine guidance by connecting deeply with your soul

You feel stuck, but don't know where to turn. Maybe it's time to tap into a higher power for support and direction.


The Akashic Records contain the details of your soul's journey throughout time–past, present, and future. When we access your records, we are able to ask questions in any areas where you are looking for clarity and guidance. We receive information that can support you on your life's path. Just come with an open mind.


When booking your reading, you will fill out a short form with your priorities, but we can also discuss this at the start of the session if you would like assistance. As the reading is done live, there is the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and adjust as we go. The messages received can be quite healing on their own; in addition, I may be prompted to incorporate energy healing (like reiki) to support you in integrating the information provided.


You will receive an audio recording after the session if you want to review it later. All sessions are done remotely, so location is unimportant; energetic transmission isn't limited by time or space.


Your reading may leave you with…

  • Ideas for how to integrate this information into your life so you can see improvements

  • An understanding of some of your biggest blocks to address so you can more forward

  • Clarity, and a sense of relief or peace

  • ​A deeper connection to who you really are, and your highest self

  • Journal prompts and reflections to ensure you are on the right path

  • Confirmation of your intuition, and/or redirection


I never intended to become a reader of the records. I signed up for an intuitive development course, after I started practicing reiki, because I wanted to further develop my gifts and connect with other women who were on a similar spiritual path.


The woman teaching the course also happened to be a gifted Akashic Records reader, and she trained and attuned us to read them. Even though I loved it, I thought it would be something I used for myself only. I regularly go into my own records, and I find it incredibly supportive for my business, my health, my personal life and beyond. But people started hearing about it and asking me to read theirs. I didn’t think I could do it, to be honest, but I received some powerful messages that this is something I was meant to do. I tried, and it worked. It worked really well. I got a lot of referrals and repeat clients. So here we are.


This is another piece of the puzzle that goes along with making you healthier, happier, and more in tune with your mind, body, and soul. It's a great tool when clients are feeling stuck with physical symptoms that often go much deeper than they might think. We find mental blocks and trauma that need to be addressed first, and it points us in the right direction.



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