I have been where you are now. Let me help you get through this!

I'm Jordana, a holistic nutritionist, reiki healer, and forever foodie. I love helping you reconnect to your food, your body, and yourself so you can feel rooted, safe, and confident that you are nourishing yourself in all the right ways.

I had begun to think my life might always be this way.

I started reacting to an endless number of foods in my 20s, and it did a number on my health. I was working long hours in the corporate marketing world, making my way through the ranks, and looked totally put together, down to my designer bag collection. But I struggled with anxiety and felt sick every day. It started with just a few food allergies but led to a system breakdown complete with stomach pains, mood swings, hives, panic attacks, and total exhaustion.


I saw doctors, allergists, naturopaths, and therapists, and took all kinds of pills. I felt crazy because my tests were “normal,” but I didn't feel normal at all.

I hated going outside without foundation on my face. I had 2-week periods even though I was on the pill. I was tracking my calories and macros because my body felt heavy and I didn't know why. Most nights, I had trouble eating dinner and frequently had to stop because I was so uncomfortable. I was scared I would feel sick whenever I ate and, honestly, I could no longer tell if the cause was anxiety or food. 


But I wasn't ready to give up. I started looking at my food; I knew it was an important piece of the puzzle and, as someone who always loved every facet of food—growing it, cooking it, eating it—I hoped I could use my passion for purpose.

The more I learned about nutrition, the more I realized it could be my medicine.

I started creating simple, delicious meals that eliminated my midday crash and late-night snacking. I still ate dessert, but things that made me feel good. I worked on my mindset so that I felt safe when eating and started advocating for myself in social situations so I didn't eat something out of guilt and feel sick later. And I uncovered the root causes of my symptoms so I could heal my gut, absorb nutrients, poop daily, rebalance my hormones, and revive my adrenals from stress-induced burnout. 


Becoming a holistic nutritionist made my dream of helping others heal a reality, and I have never stopped learning. I continue to heal myself, and take those tools back to my clients so I can help you feel your best. I am constantly growing, training, and expanding what we can do together, whether that means nutrition, supplementation, cooking tactics, daily habits, reiki or intuitive guidance.  And I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

I want to help you feel rooted and safe.

That way, you can disconnect from what's blocking your healing and reconnect with your food, your body, the earth, and your healthiest self.


I used to be a competitive gymnast, but keep me away from any sport that involves throwing and catching.



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