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I'm Jordana, an Akashic Records reader, energy healer, intuitive coach and channel

I help you trust yourself, see your worth and get what you want by combining the strategic with the spiritual. Let’s connect to your soul frequency.

I looked like I had it all, but
I wasn't happy or healthy.

My 20s involved endless food reactions, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, mood swings, digestive issues and more. I was moving up the corporate marketing ladder with brand-name companies, trendy after-work cocktails, and a designer bag collection, but I was struggling. I tried doctors, naturopaths, allergists, therapists, and every pill and test, but nothing helped

I hit my breaking point, quitting everything to study holistic nutrition, becoming an entrepreneur at 30 for the first time. I grew up loving everything about food, so it felt like the perfect fit—plus it was the only thing that moved the needle when I was at my worst.

I helped people heal physical and mental issues with food, supplements and lifestyle coaching, and it felt incredible. And I continued to work on myself, but something was missing. I was stuck. That’s when I discovered energy healing and intuitive work.

I never considered myself a spiritual person, but I tried reiki and had a transformative experience. I felt the energy shift in my body and was shocked by the messages relayed to me. My healer said I was highly intuitive, which was so validating because, honestly, I had always known things—seen and felt and heard things I couldn’t explain—but I'd kept it to myself.

I realized I had been shutting down so much of who I was.

And my intuitive gifts blasted open, fast. I saw how physical issues have energetic roots. I was guided to study reiki, work with spiritual mentors, and connect to the Akashic Records.

The deeper I went, the better I felt. I started to release the fear of judgement and being fully seen. I made major changes  how I lived my life, the people I surrounded myself with, and the way I presented myself to the world. At the core of it all, I hadn’t been trusting myself—my body, my intuition, my desires—but I discovered that I could. Finally, I felt powerful and safe within my body.

The more that I tapped into this magical space, the more I understood it was all part of my mission.


Along this journey, I have received major upgrades to how I heal you. The Akashic Records have become part of me. I am deeply connected to my guides and yours. I can instantly channel soul-led guidance and energy healing tailored to your needs. What I do comes from within and is wholly unique.

I help you tap into the life you deserve, too, and figure out how you can get it. It’s both practical and spiritual. I combine my knowledge as a brand strategist and entrepreneur with holistic wellness, energy work and intuitive guidance. In the process, you are able to follow what's meant for you—to trust your body, your intuition, and the universe to show you the way.

It’s time for you to start living a life that lights you up.
Are you ready?

How I can help you get what you want:

A couple things I’m really good at (in the 3D world) are making major decisions and trusting myself.


It’s funny because I originally thought this was a learned skill–something I used to suck at, when I was shy and afraid to disappoint people. But here’s the thing: I have always had that breaking point where I had to stop worrying about what other people thought because I got so uncomfortable. It was like I didn’t have a choice. And, over time, I learned to listen to those signs of discomfort sooner and do the damn thing.

I got over whispers and judgements from people who thought my strong-willed stubbornness was off-putting or intimidating. The truth is, being self-assured and willing to make bold moves will trigger the f**k out of people who aren’t ready for that energy. But I’ve come to realize it’s my greatest gift. 

Anyone who has worked with me knows I will (lovingly) push your buttons and tell it like it is. I love the crap out of the people I work with so much that I feel like I don’t really have a choice. I want you to succeed. If your life isn’t giving you what you want, I want to see you choose something better. And I want you to be confident enough to take action and go for it.


These are core ingredients to creating a life that makes you happy. And I’m here to help you trust yourself, make bold choices, and do the tangible work to bring those decisions to life as quickly as possible. If that sounds like what you need, you are in the right place.


I used to be a competitive gymnast, but keep me away from any sport that involves throwing and catching.



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