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Tune into what your soul knows you need, but you haven’t been able to hear.

It’s time to trust yourself, make a game plan, and take aligned action so you can live the life you truly deserve.

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You’re meant to wake up each day to a life that feels expansive, exciting, and abundant.

It can be hard to figure out what you need, and you’re feeling unfulfilled. Anxiety, overwhelm and burnout tend to get in the way, and you might realize you’ve spent years using other people’s lives as a model for your own. But you are not here to live a life that works for someone else. You just need to learn to listen to yourself.



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Rooted Community

Start Your Journey

Boost your growth and healing in a supportive, like-minded community with monthly group reiki and more. Upgrade to premium for 1:1 support.

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Akashic Reading

Gain Greater Clarity

Receive guidance and clarity, clear away blocks, and move forward with confidence. Connect with your soul and heal through an Akashic Records Reading.


1:1 Coaching

Do the Deep Work

This intuitively led program involves growth-centric coaching, healing and more to release limiting beliefs and move into abundance, positivity and trust.

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I teach you to trust yourself so you can level up your life.

I spent my 20s doing all the things I thought I “should” do in life, but it made me sick and unhappy. After years of food reactions, anxiety, exhaustion, and more, I dove deep into physical healing and left my corporate marketing job to study holistic nutrition. While helping others heal, I continued to work on myself and found the missing piece through energy healing. I began to feel truly energized, confident, and safe in my body.

Through training and mentorship, I uncovered my intuitive gifts, learned about the energetic roots of physical and emotional issues, and begun practicing reiki and reading the Akashic Records. Along the way, I grew to love myself for the guide and healer I am meant to be. With my unique combination of skills and experiences, I help you connect with your soul and trust your own intuition so you can live your most authentic life.

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Morning energy meditation

Clear and protect your energy with a simple 8-minute guided meditation. This tool is a quick way to ensure you don’t take on other people’s energy and can stay in your own lane all day long. This is the most popular meditation that many clients use every single morning!



  • Motivated and willing to do the work, even when things get tough

  • Committed to taking care of your mind, body, and soul

  • Ready to invest in yourself (energetically, emotionally, financially)

  • Down to go deep and talk about feelings, struggles, and goals

  • Prepared to do your homework

  • Open and curious about trying new things

  • Into dreaming big over settling


  • Are closed off to new ways of thinking and doing

  • Prefer the quick fix to doing the deep work

  • Are willing to settle for feeling less-than-great

  • Are only doing this because a loved one told you to do it

  • Can't deal with a little discomfort before things get better (because healing isn't always linear)

  • Expect to get huge results with minimal effort


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I came with very specific goals in mind, and soon realized Jordana's mentorship would help me in every aspect of my life. I’ve learned to trust my instincts, prioritize myself and prevent myself from feeling drained. I was also able to identify long-term career/life goals by tuning into what I really want, and make it less overwhelming by starting with small, approachable steps.

I have constantly felt supported and heard without judgement and Jordana provides whatever I need in the moment. I have established a connection with myself that was missing and I am so proud and grateful.


As trusted by

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