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Kale-onion dehydrator crackers

These crackers are legit. They’re a complete meal, packed with greens, healthy fats, fibre and protein. You really can’t go wrong!

I really wanted to make something that wasn’t 100% seeds, and to keep it grain-free. Seed crackers are amazing, but they’re very dense and filling, and I find I can’t use them for a whole meal. With these, a couple squares makes for a perfect open-face sandwich base. Use in lieu of bread for your avocado toast, or top with hummus, chicken salad, tuna or sliced turkey.

The crackers are about half veggies, half seeds, with a good punch of onion flavour. I know it seems like a lot of onion, but once you put everything together, it’s just right.

Eli, my husband, gifted me a dehydrator last year, and I’ve been having way too much fun with it. However, I’ll mention that my mom tested this in her oven on a low temperature setting, so if yours goes to 140ºF, you can do it there, too. Otherwise, add it to your wish list! I have this one and I love it.

Part of the beauty of these crackers is that you soak the seeds overnight beforehand, which reduces the antinutrient content. These antinutrients  can cause gas, bloating and more, and they make  it difficult for you to actually absorb all the wonderful nutrients in the recipe. You know when you see bits of seeds in your poop? Yep, that means you’re not benefitting from their rich mineral content. I actually soak and dehydrate nuts and seeds all the time. They taste nice and crispy when you do this, too!

The one other tool you will need is a food processor, which I also use for things like nut and seed butters, quick chopping and shredding, and energy bars or balls. If you don’t have one, a high-speed blender may work, but you’ll need to use the tamper a lot to get things blended up.

The great news is you can make a huge batch of these at once (this recipe takes up less than 3 of the 6 trays in my dehydrator, so I might double it next time) and they last for ages. Replace your toast with a cracker or two and you have your crunchy carb, along with the veggies we really want to include with every meal of the day. A perfect accompaniment to eggs, dips and spreads.

Kale-onion dehydrator crackers

Prep Time 15 mins

Cook Time 12 hrs

Soaking time 8 hrs

Course: Snack

Servings: 10


1 cup pumpkin seeds soaked overnight in water with a ½ Tb of salt, then drained

2 cups kale

1.5 onions

½ cup chia seeds soaked in cup water minimum 30 minutes, up to overnight

2 Tb extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp sea salt

½ Tb thyme

½ Tb rosemary


  1. In a food processor, pulse together pumpkin seeds, onions, kale, salt and herbs.

  2. Drizzle in the olive oil while running once you have a chunky paste.

  3. Stir in the gelled chia seeds to combine well.

  4. Spread onto squares of parchment paper about 0.5cm thick. (You’ll need about 3 sheets.)

  5. Dehydrate @ 140ºF for approx. 12 hours.

  6. After 3-4 hours, once they have become more solid, you can score them into crackers (I do about 9 per sheet, but any size works) so that they break apart easily.

  7. You can remove the parchment paper once they are sturdy for a slightly quicker drying time.

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