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Trust yourself, do
the deep work & make moves

You’re done with feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stuck. You want to heal what’s holding you back and level up your personal and professional life.



Do some (or all) of these sound like you?

  • You feel unfulfilled in your career or personal life

  • You have a hard time identifying your goals and next steps

  • You’re afraid to make a change and wonder if it’s too late

  • You find it difficult to trust yourself to make the right decisions, so you freeze instead of taking action

  • You have difficulties when it comes to relationships, finances, career or otherwise

  • You’re overwhelmed, anxious and/or burnt out

  • You feel down on yourself and can’t see your gifts or worth

  • You attract people who take advantage or drain you

  • You are building a business or seeking purpose in your career, but haven’t found your stride

  • You’re curious about spirituality, but need a guide on your journey

Get ready to release limiting beliefs and habits and learn to trust your instincts so you can live a life that feels incredible.

When you can connect more deeply with yourself, it transforms you physically and mentally. You gain a better understanding of who you are, learn to let go of what’s draining you, and turn your focus towards becoming the best version of yourself.

​Let’s empower you to embody this energy every day by clearing away the gunk and lighting you up. You’ll get genuine, practical advice, combined with deep healing work, so you can take action towards living your most authentic life.



This intuitively led mentorship supports you in feeling more fulfilled in all areas of your life. You get mind-body-spirit support from someone who has been there. I use all the knowledge in my toolkit—from intuitive guidance and energy work to holistic health and nutrition to marketing and brand creation—to help you get where you want to go with a loving kick in the butt.

This program is 100% tailored to your needs and anything that comes up in the process, so you get what's meant for you—no more, no less.

I know it’s my life’s purpose to help you understand yourself, trust yourself and heal in all the right ways. I am here to hold space, guide you, and work with you to create actionable steps so that you can wake up to a life you love.



  • Three sessions per month

  • Weekly homework

  • Access to me between sessions via voice/text, 5 days a week

  • Energy healing (i.e. reiki + related techniques)

  • Akashic readings to receive divine guidance

  • Holistic health or business support, as needed

  • Discussion and reflection to unearth root causes

  • Energy protection support

  • Rituals, tools, and exercises

  • Custom meditations, as needed

  • Journal prompts

  • Access to the Rooted Community for group healing and more


  • Confidence and trust in your own choices

  • See your gifts and how they can shine in your day-to-day

  • Visualize your future goals so you can start making moves in the right direction

  • Specific, aligned next steps to help you feel fulfilled professionally and personally

  • Better motivation, energy, and positivity

  • Open yourself up to amazing relationships/friendships

  • Feel safe to release people you don’t support you

  • Have better boundaries that give you control over your energy and your life

  • Feel truly deserving of what you want (but may have been afraid to ask for)

  • Greater spiritual connection and understanding




Working with Jordana took my healing journey to a level I didn't know I needed. 

She respected my education and knowledge of nutrition and gave me some reminders here and there, and instead focused on what she truly thought I needed. Jordana followed my cues and created a free-flowing program with challenging protocols that helped me reconnect to myself. She taught me that I contained all the answers to my questions and helped me to find them. Since working with Jordana, I’ve noticed I’m able to better connect with those around me, I’m less worried and anxious about my daughter and I feel strong and confident in my choices surrounding my health and life in general.

Akashic readings and reiki are both new to me and I’m so grateful for Jordana’s brilliant mind and intuition and ability to connect. They’ve helped me in immense ways.

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It’s time to go deeper. Are you in?

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