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Take your healing
to the next level

You've put in the work to take care of your body, but something's missing. You get stuck in negative thought patterns, and it’s holding you back. You're ready

to dive deeper for better confidence, abundance, health and joy.



Do any of these stick out to you?

  • You’ve used things like nutrition and supplementation to improve your health, but there’s still a missing piece

  • You are building a business or seeking your purpose in your work life, but haven’t quite found your stride

  • You try to live a balanced, aligned life, but feel overwhelmed

  • You know there’s something greater you want to tap into, but need a guide on your spiritual journey to help you open up

  • You have a difficult relationship with money/wealth

  • You second-guess yourself and it's hard to trust your intuition

  • You don't want to burn out, but you keep pushing yourself

  • You’re holding on to things you know you need to release: relationships, limiting beliefs, trauma, guilt…

  • Your relationship with food/your body feels messy

  • You allow others to take advantage of you feel drained after spending time with people

  • Family life/friendships feel hard: romance, parenting, drama…

  • You’ve dabbled in spirituality (things like reiki, tarot, crystals, astrology), but want to develop a deeper understanding

It’s time to release limiting beliefs and anxieties, and move into a mindset of abundance, positivity, self-worth, and trust.

When you can connect more deeply with yourself, it transforms you physically and mentally. You gain a better understanding of who you are, learn to let go of what’s draining you, and turn your focus towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Let’s empower you to embody this energy every day by clearing away the gunk and lighting you up. We use a combination of healing techniques and simple habits so you can level up!



This intuitively led mentorship is designed to bring you to higher levels of health, happiness, and confidence. There is a whole realm of tools that go beyond the physical. I know it’s my purpose to share them using my ongoing training, experiences, and intuitive gifts.


You can sign up monthly or choose the 3-month package, which is an ideal length of time to see rich changes and upgrades. Because it is intuitively led, you get exactly what you need and none of what you don’t. It’s 100% tailored to your needs and anything that comes up throughout our time together



  • Three sessions per month

  • Weekly homework

  • Access to me between sessions via voice/text, 5 days a week

  • Energy healing (i.e. reiki + related techniques)

  • Akashic readings to receive divine guidance

  • Discussion and reflection to unearth root causes

  • Energy protection support

  • Rituals, tools, and exercises

  • Custom meditations, as needed

  • Journal prompts


  • Higher levels of health, happiness, and confidence

  • A more aligned way of living that lights you up and so you can embody your highest self

  • Moving past roadblocks on your healing journey that aren’t clearing with the stuff you’ve already tried

  • Understanding yourself and what you need with greater clarity

  • Moving out of burnout and into balance

  • Trusting yourself more

  • Greater fulfilment in your job, life, and relationships

  • Releasing what’s no longer serving you and is wasting your time/energy

  • Letting go of the "shoulds" in favour of your true desires

  • Developing your own habits that can help you protect your energy, heal yourself, and feel happier and healthier each day




Working with Jordana took my healing journey to a level I didn't know I needed. 

She respected my education and knowledge of nutrition and gave me some reminders here and there, and instead focused on what she truly thought I needed. Jordana followed my cues and created a free-flowing program with challenging protocols that helped me reconnect to myself. She taught me that I contained all the answers to my questions and helped me to find them. Since working with Jordana, I’ve noticed I’m able to better connect with those around me, I’m less worried and anxious about my daughter and I feel strong and confident in my choices surrounding my health and life in general.

Akashic readings and reiki are both new to me and I’m so grateful for Jordana’s brilliant mind and intuition and ability to connect. They’ve helped me in immense ways.

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It’s time to go deeper. Are you in?

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