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Ready to become your healthiest self?

Everything makes you bloated or gives you gas and you’re exhausted all the time. Eating stresses you out because you just don’t want to feel sick again, but it keeps happening no matter how careful you are.



Does this sound like you?

  • Health professionals tell you everything is "normal" (and perhaps prescribe antidepressants or birth control)

  • You feel tired long before the end of the day

  • You experience PMS and/or headaches

  • You honestly don't know what eating healthy means anymore, and food labels are confusing

  • You often feel anxious, whether it's about your food, health, or something else

  • Indigestion is the norm: bloating, gas, cramping, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, and/or constipation

  • You crave carbs, sugar, or caffeine

  • Your hair is thin and/or you have acne or eczema

It's time to feel confident and energetic, and kick that anxiety to the curb!

Imagine waking up every day feeling energized and excited to live your healthiest, best life. You're confident about your food choices and no longer worry you'll feel sick. You've said goodbye to ever-present anxiety and hello to a body and mind that feel amazing. You love the way you look in the mirror and are in control of your food and how you feel.

Let's build a healthy lifestyle that’s right for you: one that is easy to follow and maintain long-term. I’m here to cheer you on and give you the tools to help you look and feel your best.



In this 12-week program, you get everything I wish I had when I was struggling on my health journey. We start with the basics of building a healthy plate, what to buy at the store and how to cut back on time spent in the kitchen. Then, we get into adrenal health (stress!), gut healing, hormone balance, detoxification, your relationship with food, and an intro to energetics so you don't burn out. 

I created this program using methods that have helped my clients (and myself) thrive over the years, and I've made the process even easier for you; because it's all recorded, you can learn on your terms. You'll receive info sheets, recipe books, supplement recos, guided meditations and more. And you get lifetime access if you need a refresher! Get ready to reconnect with your healthiest self.

With the VIP upgrade, you get 1-on-1 sessions, customized protocols and access to me via voice/text message throughout the 12 weeks!



  • Weekly video lessons on a variety of topics, including blood sugar balance, adrenal health, digestive support, healthy snacks and energy protection 101

  • Tons of recipe books (with paleo and plant-based options)

  • Interactive meal prep session where you cook along with me

  • Supplement protocol recommendations

  • Brands and products I love

  • Handouts covering a variety of topics, such as: shopping smart, how food affects your mood, easier meal prep, detox support, hormone balance, gut health, dining out and more!

  • Guided meditations and journal prompts

  • Exclusive discount codes for my other services

  • Lifetime access to the content


  • Three 1:1 sessions, tailored to your needs

  • Customized recommendations and protocols

  • Text/voice messaging 5 days a week for 12 weeks


  • Master your mood, energy, hunger and cravings with food

  • Create delicious, healthy, easy meals using TONS of recipes, plus an easy-to-follow structure so you can build your own

  • Understand labels, ingredients, when to buy organic, and all the confusing words that go with buying animal products

  • Meal prep for days of healthy meals in only an hour

  • Support your stress/anxiety response and heal from burnout

  • Ditch bloating, constipation, gas, heartburn, reflux and more

  • Encourage healthy digestion and detoxification

  • Kick PMS, hormonal acne, migraines, irregular periods, etc.*

  • Manage anxiety and fear surrounding foods

  • Build a healthier relationship with food

  • Feel confident with dining out and takeout

  • Learn to protect your energy so you don't feel drained

  • And so much more!

*This is the only female-centric lesson. Other content is applicable to all (and learning about estrogen is important for everyone).




I don't know how I survived without her.

I’ve been to countless naturopaths and nutritionists and consider myself pretty healthy. But after only a couple months with Jordana, I don’t know how I survived without her.


My whole understanding of my health, adrenals, body, diet, metabolism, and illness has completely evolved. I got rid of a ton of harmful and useless medications, streamlined my supplementation, fell in love with healthy cooking and baking, and my digestion issues improved. And she makes it SO simple. Everyone I tell about Jordana is like, I NEED her number ASAP.



Ready to start feeling good?

There is an option to upgrade to VIP during checkout.

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