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Shift your energy and get ready to make magic happen daily

Receive regular healing and guidance in this incredible community. Feel supported, motivated, and energized with simple rituals and powerful group sessions.

Something special happens when you heal in a group

When you find your community, it’s such a relief to feel supported and understood. But it goes deeper. When you receive group energy healing (like reiki) and channeled messages, the energy is amplified by simply setting positive intentions collectively. You get so much more than you imagined. There is beauty in 1:1 work, but there is another level that comes when you allow yourself to lift each other up in a community. 


When you do the work and make time to heal every month, you get to feel healthier, happier, and more lit up about your life.

Boost your growth in a supportive, connected community

It is so important it is to heal and cleanse your energy on a regular basis. It can help you feel less tired, get unstuck, relieve anxiety and stress, open up your intuition, ditch overwhelm, and make you feel excited about your life… just to name a few benefits.


But it can be hard to hold yourself accountable and stick to a schedule. The Rooted Community makes it easy for you to do it all. You get two monthly calls for energy healing and guidance, plus access to a library of tools that you can incorporate into your life every day. They are all taken from my own rituals and those that work best for my 1:1 clients.


Whether you are navigating health issues, struggling with self-confidence, confused about next steps in your career, or feeling burnt out, you need and deserve a community. You don’t have to go through the hard stuff alone. But sometimes, the people in your life just can’t understand or hold space for what you need.


Member wins have included:

  • Relief from overwhelm, anxiety & negative self-talk

  • More energy on a daily basis

  • Clearer sense of next steps towards personal and professional goals

  • New, better friendships and relationships

  • No longer feeling drained by people/situations

  • Speaking more confidently about what you want

  • Relief from physical health issues including pain, inflammation and indigestion

  • Feeling lighter and more positive overall

  • Sense of calm and safety

  • Belonging and understanding from other community members

  • Enhanced intuitive abilities and self-trust

Why I created the Rooted Community

Before I found energy healing, I was sick, anxious, exhausted, and overwhelmed every day. The “perfect” diet, lifestyle and supplements weren’t enough, and everything just felt too hard. Reiki and other spiritual practices completely changed my physical, emotional, and mental health, but I felt misunderstood.


I deeply craved community. I put a lot of effort into finding people who I could talk to about my health journey and spiritual awakening without fear of judgement.


The Rooted Community is an easy way to set aside time each month to support yourself in such a simple, yet powerful, way. Yes, we have intuitively led homework, multiple calls a month and a library of resources, but if all you do is join group reiki once a month, you will already be setting yourself up for success in an intentional way. And, honestly, you’ll be getting your money’s worth; these group sessions are insanely potent, and my private clients often tell me they feel the shift just as much, if not more, in group sessions as they do with 1:1.


Sharing space with people who are investing their time, energy and money into self-improvement, healing and growth raises your frequency, too. It’s incredible. Every time I hit “start” on our Zoom calls, I feel a powerful current of energy rush through my body because the healing I share is amplified, majorly, by everyone.


Whether you come to group sessions alone, or take things to the next level with monthly 1:1 sessions through the Premium membership, you can upgrade the way you feel, physically and emotionally, pretty damn fast.



  • Monthly group reiki

  • Monthly live energy reading 

  • Intuitive messages for the group

  • Journal prompts based on each month’s themes

  • Community to discuss, support and encourage growth

  • Growing library of guided meditations and rituals

  • Exclusive access to discounts and products

  • Ultra-nourishing recipes and meal plans

  • Bonus calls when inspiration hits

PREMIUM UPGRADE: Propel your progress with 1:1 sessions

For those ready for the next level, the premium membership gives you access to all group sessions, along with customized 1:1 support every single month. You get to heal as part of the community and access the resources, while working through your own goals and struggles in your personalized sessions.


Each month includes an intuitively guided session, which can involve an Akashic reading, energy healing (reiki), coaching (nutrition, business and beyond), or a combination. The session is always tailored to what you need at that time and allows you to build on your progress and growth.

What members are saying

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  • Can I just do a single session with you?
    Nope! Because we are working on lasting healing and lifestyle changes, a single session won't do the trick. Based on my experience, 12 weeks is the right length of time to make and see significant change. One caveat: I offer individual reiki sessions for energy healing and intuitive guidance.
  • I have a lot of food sensitivities. Will that be an issue?
    Not at all! As a foodie who has struggled with many food restrictions, I'm passionate about ensuring recipes are tailored to suit your needs, while still being delicious.
  • I have worked with nutritionists/naturopaths before. How will this be different?
    This isn't just a list of rules, meal plans, and supplements. This is a full overhaul of your mindset around food and your health. We focus on root cause healing so that you can remove the source of your symptoms instead of just covering it up with a pill. The goal is to give you all the tools so you can maintain the habits we implement together and feel confident doing it all on your own.

Ready to join the community?

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